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Signature O&Co. Candles

Our 8 oz. signature, minimalistic, high quality candles featuring your favorite fragrances. 

Why O&Co.

Our goal here at O&Co. is to create a relationship with our consumers. We want to get to know you, so we can begin personalizing each candle to your scent and style preferences!

Not only do we offer our signature handcrafted candles, but we also offer unique specialty candles and a "build-your-own" where you can pick the jar, color(s), scent, and even opt-in for those special add-ons such as piped wax and mini candle mold accessories. We can also collaborate on a customized label such as birthdays, bridesmaid proposals, in memory of, etc. Just use the contact form so we can begin designing one for your unique candle!

Whether it be for the aesthetics of your own home or a special gift for that particular day, let O&Co. take care of your candle needs!

  • Is your candle jar empty?

    If you have an empty candle jar that you purchased from us, either reuse it in a way you see fit OR contact us! We would be happy to offer refilling your candle with your favorite fragrance and color.

    Pricing will vary based on options.

.4 oz Samples Buy 3 Get One Free

Can't decide on a scent? We got you covered! We have .4... 

  • Candle Tip

    To avoid tunneling in your candle, make sure your first burn time is long enough for the first layer of wax to melt across the whole diameter of your candle. This will help your candle burn evenly in the future and allow you to get the most out of your money!

  • Solution to Tunneling

    It happens to the best of us, but don't throw it out! Simply grab a heat gun or a hair dryer and melt the wax down until you've hit the lowest part of the exposed wax. Allow your candle to cool down and harden. Good as new!

    *Use the heat gun/hair dryer with caution. Tools and wax, may be hot.*

  • Unsure of what scent you want?

    We totally get it, there's a lot of good options in our catalog. That's why we offer wax samples! Order as many you need and use them as a wax warmer afterwards. We look forward to see which landed in your cart!

  • Not finding what you're looking for?

    That's what I'm here for! If you have a scent or jar style in mind, and we don't already have it in our catalog, I am more than happy to try and fix that! Help me help you, and fill out our contact us page!