Our Story

Hello! We're Annelise and Robbie and we're the owners of O&Co. In 2021 we became parents to our first born, Odin, and just recently we had our second born, Vinton. With two boys under 2 years old, I found myself longing for a hobby that wasn't changing diapers or aimlessly watching Ms. Rachel with my toddler.

As a candle consumer, I thought my main priority was scent. Turns out, I would often put a candle back on the shelf or buy an expensive candle holder to hide the appearance of the candle/label. I thought to myself, I can't be the only one!

Robbie began doing some research and vaguely mentioned the idea of starting our own candle company. Two days later, he had reserved our business name, paid for our LLC, and made our first purchase from our wholesaler! We take pride in offering minimalistic, high quality candles that are used as an accent instead of seen as a distraction.